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Sarah Frances BA

Herbologist & Herbal soapmaker.
Natural pigment paintings. 

My work is based on foraged and grown medicinal plants and natural minerals.

I gained BA (hons) at Bristol art school in the 1980’s and progressed to work with wood and trees and plants. I later studied Herbology at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, which nurtured a fusion between my artistic practice and growing with medicinal herbs. My work focuses on traditional folk knowledge and creative experimentation with natural materials, often found within our local landscapes. 

The Studio
22 Park Road 
Aldeburgh IP15 5EU 

Trail Dates: 15/16th, 22/23rd &  29/30th June 2024

Preview Show: 25-30th April 2024 
at the Courtyard Gallery – BallroomArts Aldeburgh

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