Emma Gilbert


Emma Gilbert, a 26yr old artist whose passion for creative expression has been a driving force in many of her works and lifelong pursuits. With a background in art education at Bryanston School, Emma’s talent was expertly nurtured, resulting in the creation of the captivating modern-contemporary pieces on show today. Having spent most of her life visiting and at times living in Aldeburgh, her artworks pay homage to the town’s scenic beauty, incorporating elements of the sea’s textures and the enormous skies dramatic features, into her expressive compositions.

[email protected]


2 Wyndham House

Wentworth Road


IP15 5BB


Trail Dates: 15/16th, 22/23rd &  29/30th June 2024

Preview Show: 25-30th April 2024 
at the Courtyard Gallery – BallroomArts Aldeburgh

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