Claire Fried 


5 Thellusson Lodge, Church Walk Aldeburgh IP15 5DT
(Please use Church Car Park – no parking on site)


[email protected]

Disability access

I make figurative paintings mainly in Oils on canvas or board. The size of my studies vary from 30 to 50cm. Larger paintings are 100 -200 cm 

The subject matter is portrait, landscape, daily objects or sometimes all three.

I paint because I love painting. Everyday there is something to paint about, a playful expression that lights up a face, light itself shimmering across a surface, creating pattern, an exciting colour story, the rich brown fields after the rain with white birds flocking to find succulent worms.

I continue to paint because I learn and discover so much. I learn about the paints, the surfaces and colour mixing. By observing intently, I learn about life and the human condition.

I love to visit Galleries to enjoy other artists work.

I ask myself what is Contemporary? What makes a satisfying image? What is the best way to tackle it?

I love to share these discoveries with people that are interested, the story of the painting and how it came about.

Recently, a part of my work has been finding the words to accompany the artwork.

From an idea, I draw directly on the surface, partly from observation, partly from memory or sketchbook. I then block in the tonal contrast, hound in the colour, redraw focal detail and finish with some impasto painting.

Regular life drawing enables me to develop a language for expressing ideas.

Please note that the below map is a google generated map based on the postcode and may not be pin point accurate. Please look out for our signature PINK & WHITE bunting at the entrance to the studio.

5 Thellusson Lodge, Church Walk Aldeburgh IP15 5DT

Entry to 5 Thellusson Lodge will be through a side passage further along Church Walk as there is no access through the driveway
– see map (right)

UPDATE! – Please be aware that due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be scaffold fencing alongside the path. Though narrow, please follow the bunting to reach the artistic destination. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

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