Felicty Jones


Felicity is inspired by found objects in the urban environment all holding a poignant relevance to the history or the very essence of the Spirit, Sense and Materiality of a Place. These objects have often been rejected and thrown in skips or left/discarded on the street. She then takes these objects and makes plaster moulds of them. Each day she collects and presses overlooked wayside flowers, grasses, plants, feathers, fallen blossom and leaves on pavements and paths. She uses these elements to decorate the clay forms using intaglio, embossed and sprigged decorative techniques. After their first firing the pieces are hand painted using underglaze colours and then fired again. As a final touch many pieces are topped off with gold or platinum lustre on their rims. 

12 Astley Avenue

Email: felicity@felicityjones.co.uk

Website: Felicityjonesceramics.co.uk

Contact number: 07961867429


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