Emma Foss 2021

Emma Foss


3 Crespigny House, Hartington Road, Aldeburgh, IP15 5HD



Wheelchair access (Parking is only available for disabled visitors)

I am a visual artist working mostly in oil paint, pencil & collage.

My ideas come from many sources; nature, humour, found imagery, drawings, music, words, or a pictures that form gradually in my mind over time. These often come when I am out running in nature and increase the connection to nature within my work.

I was selected for an Arts Council grant this year, which allows me to develop and expand my practice considerably and to explore a freer terrain within subjects, style and technique.

In my process, I always try to be led by the visual or my materials, allowing meaning to come secondary. More and more I enjoy the focus of my work to shift towards drawing and mark-making and to move away from tighter, representational approaches. Sometimes instead of planning what the image may be, I just sit down and begin, not knowing where it will go. This is freedom.

Visitors to the AST exhibition in this beautiful setting are warmly welcomed. Talks and workshop tickets also available.

Large and well-ventilated space. Out of hours individual viewings also bookable.

Please note that the below map is a google generated map based on the postcode and may not be pin point accurate. Please look out for our signature PINK & WHITE bunting at the entrance to the studio.

3 Crespigny House, Hartington Road, Aldeburgh, IP15 5HD

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