Emma Foss

Painting & drawing

Emma is a London-based artist working from her home studio in Camden Town. She paints, draws and produces limited edition archival prints. 

Her work covers many scenes from nature, the intimacy of people’s home life or whimsical observations. Most of all she loves making art about things that make her smile and bring her warmth when painting.

She sees painting as a chance to actively ‘spend time with a chosen moment’, to give its unique character of thought, feeling and time the potential to be relived and not to pass away fleetingly.

Emma enjoys how brushmarks and wonky lines of an artist’s hand can define a human presence and connection between an artist and a viewer. It is like a gentle creative companionship amidst a faster commercialised world. 


3 Crespigny House,
Hartington Road,
Aldeburgh, IP15 5HD

(Parking on Hartington Road)

07776 687 703


Instagram @thelittlecamdenstudio

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