Claire Fried

Painting in Oils / Drawing

I love to get into my studio, smell the paint and get going.
Sometimes a painting is inspired by nature, something I have seen that day or last week or last year, or it is a thought or a feeling. 
I have many projects on the go at any one time at different stages of completion.
A BA in Art and Design from St Martins School of Art taught me to develop an idea.
A diploma in Oil painting under Martin Kinneer, Norfolk taught me techniques in the history of oil painting.
Now I am just getting on with it, each day a discovery and experimentation. I love figures and landscapes and open to projects.

I enjoy teaching in Suffolk occasionally. 
I have very much enjoyed a sketching-painting residency/cultural exchange in China , Autumn 2019 
invited by the local government of Wenzhou China .’When London meets Wenzhou’


The Old Oar House
Mobile ; 07870641861
Instagram ; #friedclaire


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